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Have you ever thought about working from home? Does the idea of having your own website sound exciting? If you had asked me a few years ago if I could picture myself making a website, I would have said it was impossible! I knew very little about computers-I basically used e-mail, did searches to help the kids with homework, and also some genealogy research.

While, of course, I love the kids, I did reach a point where I started to feel "brain dead". I also realized we could use more money. However, every time I started thinking about going back to work, I was filled with anxiety and mixed feelings. I just didn't know if I could balance it all, the kids would have to be put in daycare, they might have to give up after school activities or be scrambling for rides, I'd be exhausted and rushed all the time, etc. I know many of you have felt this way. I just knew I had to do something different.

I started looking at work at home ideas. Wow-that was an eye-opener! So many scams, get-rich-quick schemes, and just plain junk out there!

One day I came across Site Build It! I thought it looked interesting but then I thought, "It's not for me...I can't build a website." My mind kept coming back to it...I couldn't seem to forget about it. I did more research on it, then tried again to forget about it. I kept coming back to it and started imagining myself working from home on the computer. Every time I thought about it I felt excited about the idea! I spent hours looking at their videos and reading what it was about. As my husband can attest to, I'm pretty conservative spending money (I'm not sure if he'd put it that nicely!), but I sure wasn't going to be taken in by a scam. I don't think that's a bad thing!

Ken Evoy, the owner, explained the process of C-T-P-M (what I'd call a blueprint idea for making your site work). It stands for content, traffic, presell, monetize. It made so much sense and seemed so simple, but I realized he was right in saying that was why so many websites failed-even if they looked great! It's sort of like the tree in the forest-anyone can build a site, but if no one comes, well, what's the point?

I still had no idea what I might write about, or how I would accomplish it, but decided to just "Go for it!". I will tell you I have not regretted it at all. I love SBI! Now, I'm not going to tell you it's easy and I didn't have to do any work, but there really is no job where you get money for not working (or everyone would be doing it!). But I have enjoyed learning about something new and creating a business, instead of just a website. The process is simplified with video guides and written tutorials, and all the tools are there to support you. It is not a get-rich-quick plan; it is a proven method with all the tools and help at your fingertips. Success is achievable even for a beginner. For an experienced person, achieving success is even smoother. SBI! really does change lives!

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The SBI! private forums are the best I've ever seen, and have made it easy to get help whenever I've needed it. To me, this community of help is one of the reasons I have enjoyed using SBI! It's friendly, helpful support from other SBI! users, available any time of the day or night!

The tortoise approach symbolizes SBI!'s steady-and-sure approach. This reminds me to make well-thought out decisions, and not to be too hard on myself if "life gets in the way" and I can't spend as much time on my site as I'd like. That flexibility has been invaluable to me. I can work when it's convenient for me!

In the end I found the answer to help me balance everything, and the satisfaction of seeing something I've created has been an added confidence boost! I developed this site as a way to help people, as well as add extra income. Maybe it's time to make some positive changes in your life now!

Now, if you've read this far, I'm assuming you want to know more! So, first, if you're saying, "Yea, sounds great, but how much is it?" So, I'll answer that up front so you know what you're investing. The annual fee is $299. (with a money-back guarantee)which includes all the features listed including the domain registration, tons of tools and information, and even a "block builder" (which I use) for people who either don't know or don't want to be bothered with html and the programming stuff behind the scenes.

Now there is a new monthly option available for only $30 per month! This is something Solo Build It is trying because of the economy, and the fact that people are not as willing to try the annual option for something they're not sure they'll love.

This an absolutely wonderful opportunity to try it out, and see what I'm talking about for yourself. If they had offered this when I signed up, I wouldn't have hesitated! However, I will tell you one caveat. You will not have a website up and running and bringing in money, if done properly, in a month or two. You will want to read and learn, and unless you have lots of free time, it's not practical. You'll want to develop a long term plan that will bring you income for a long time to come! Why not try it out and see if you'll enjoy it? With such a minimal risk, there's no down side!!

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