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Central New York's Family Guide

Central New York is a great place to raise a family.

If you live here and are raising your family you've come to the right place!
Are you often...

  • busy?
  • looking for information on the web?
  • tired of having to look at a lot of junk just trying to find that information?

Let me help make life a bit simpler. I will give you real information on topics that you are looking for.

With five kids and the usual life stuff I'm a little busy too. I found myself looking for different topics every day - activities for the kids, homework help, medical info, how to fix something in the house...

After talking to many parents I realized we have many of the same concerns.
I decided to create a site that will include much of the day-to-day information you want
all in one place.

Just the good stuff though-if you see a recommendation here, it's because I've used the product or service and am confident you'll benefit. The same goes for links.
That is the kind of site I want to go to, and the kind I think you'll appreciate.

So that's my promise to you - a site with reliable information and resources you can trust!

SO...what are you looking for today?...