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The topic of family health is so large and encompassing! The information you might be looking for can be different all the time-are you looking for a topic related to your children? Yourself? Parents, friends? Do you need general wellness information or specific knowledge related to an illness?

As a mother of five children with a wide range of ages, I have read lots of information regarding children's health. In addition, after a car accident about 12 years ago, I developed fibromyalgia. At the time, I was young and healthy; one of those people who never went to the doctor and didn't even take over-the-counter medicine. I had never heard of it, but knew something was horribly wrong. I then discovered two things for the first time. First, that health was not something to take for granted, and second, that medical doctors do not know everything! This began my interest in reading and learning about medical science, complimentary, and alternative medicine.

Since I realized that there was so much we don't know about how the body works, and there was much disagreement among doctors, it became apparent that I should be involved in healthcare choices about myself. What a concept! It has now become what I'd guess you could call a hobby. I realized that I really enjoy learning about all different aspects of the body, nutrition, and wellness. I now feel a strong desire to help others on their journeys, and I truly believe things happen for a reason.

With so many possibilities, this will be an ongoing, evolving project. I will also be glad to help you research and find current information on any concerns you have, especially since there is always new research being done and differing opinions. I am looking for your help and input! Check out the links, and send me a quick note on this form- let me know what YOU are looking for! Thank you!

Common Childhood Diseases and Ailments

  • Conjuctivitis-(aka "pinkeye")-Irritated, itching, or red eyes with yellow discharge. Can be caused by bacteria, virus, allergy, or chemicals.
  • fifth disease
  • impetigo
  • influenza
  • lice
  • streptococcal sore throat
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