Sacred Symbol Art - About the Artist

Diane, from Diana Artistry

My interest in Sacred Symbols (from both modern and ancient spirituality) began in the early 1990's while on a trip to Egypt.
While viewing the pictographs and hieroglyphs on the walls of
temples and pyramids, I was struck by the fact that the ancient Egyptians celebrated a "Father, Mother, and Child" principle which appeared to correspond to the same principle in Christianity.

From this point, I began a comparative search into various symbols from both Eastern and Western Mysticism. In the study of various symbol interpretations, I gained the perspective that very core truths were present in all religions; it was only by superficial interpretation that they appeared different.

In celebration of this new viewpoint within myself, I sought to eliminate my own interior barriers to alternate beliefs systems. Because I was gaining a deep reverence for many differing symbols, my goal became to combine spiritual symbols into new formats and combinations, which opened my vision and allowed me to gain even more access into their hidden mysteries.

Knowing that we all evolve over time to a broader and more inclusive consciousness, much of my artwork is a celebration of that evolvement. Hopefully a "New Age" will find many more of us respecting a variety of points of view and find within them things in harmony, concordance and mutual understanding.

From re-creating sacred symbols into new formats, I was also attracted to creating other art forms, including jewelry images, combining symbols with astronomy objects, and Native American Animal Totem creations. I look forward to a more "universal consciousness" in some future experience I may have. A consciousness that transcends races, religions, cultures and individual bias, and embraces each person as unique, whole, and worthy of respect and inclusion in a more tolerant and loving environment.