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More Help for the Paper Tiger

The vast amount of paper that comes into our homes...and what to do with a common problem. I am discovering how common as I hear from so many people with the same complaints!

Because of this, I am creating a second page to help readers find ways to stay better organized with the paper clutter. This page will discuss many tips to help you, and I am including the opportunity to send in YOUR comments so we can help each other! If you haven't read the first page yet, feel free to read it at: Organizing Paper

Then come back here and keep reading the great suggestions!

Share your problem or solution to help others!

Do you have a tip to share that can help others?
Or a problem area you'd like a suggestion on?

After all, we're all in this together and can learn from each other!

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Someone wrote asking about kids artwork and school papers. Of course there are many ways of dealing with it, and your "system" can change through the years. One solution I have (besides the fridge!) is to have a file in my file cabinet for each child. A box bottom file of 2-3" works well for this if you have the cabinet space. I put a manilla folder with the year on the front, and can quickly deposit their "best" work, report cards, etc. I have already learned not to save everything! At the end of the year I'll go through it again and maybe remove a few, then put that folder in a plastic file tote I keep in the basement. This houses all of my children's work through the years that, for whatever reason, I just can't throw out.

Make sure as they get into high school you have a folder with their name on it so you can have a place to collect college information, etc. It's also a good place to keep a copy of their important things such as resumes, pay stubs, banking info, etc. that would likely be lost in their rooms! They are transitioning to adulthood, so take some time to briefly point out some organizing ideas to them (as well as financial lessons, but that's a different topic!).

One other idea, especially handy for large "masterpieces" is to buy a large portfolio (you can buy paperboard or even plastic zippered models), or make one from two pieces of posterboard attached on three sides (staple, punch holes and tie, etc.). A nice thing about this is you can pull out special pieces at different holidays and hang them up!