Sort as you go

by Carol

I have a desk in my front room, but any drawer could be used the same.

I use lots of manilla envelopes (buy them at the dollar store for $1! The first one is "Bills" Just keep putting them in till you do your monthly bill paying. (Or pay as they come in if you are fortunate enough to have the money available as you need it.)

Once a bill is paid, I mark the date paid with the check number on it, and it goes in a folder in the back marked "Paid Bills" You can get markers at the Dollar store also.
I keep the bills sorted and together with paper clips. Example: All the electric bills are clipped together, adding the new one each month.

You could have another folder for (coupons) if you save them. Another one for ?? whatever else you need to keep.

If you have children and insist on keeping school papers, you could have a folder for each child.
It might be a good idea to try and save only the important ones and not every single one!

Another important folder could be for papers or permission slips that need to be signed by you. If you get in the habit of checking the folder daily (as well as the children) you both would know that if a paper needed to be signed, it would go there.

A calendar should be hung somewhere in plain view, where you would write important dates and appointments on. Use pencil so things can be changed as needed.

For all those unimportant papers that accumulate, I recycle them! My wood stove burns up some, and any plain paper gets ripped up into small pieces and added to my compost pile. (My roses enjoy the added benefits)!

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Thanks for sharing...
by: Bonnie

Lots of people like envelopes and your tips will help. I like them for receipts (although I'm trying not to save as many!). I also love your roses site-I will add info abt. gardening at some point to this site. I have started my own compost bin this year and also add paper to it.

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