My Problem-Electronic or Paper Bills?


I can't let go of the paper bills! I pay all my bills automatically via my checking account. But, I feel the need to have a paper bill to back-up what is coming out of my checking account. In the meantime, papers continue to stack-up.

Yes, I go thru each piece of mail as it comes into the house. Throwing out the unnecessary. But, paper via the mail is still piling up. And, what about all those unread magazine subsciptions? Please help!

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Paperless Billing...
by: Anonymous

I completely understand; I felt that way when I started paying online and going paperless. Even when I paid online and wrote it in my checkbook, I still printed out the confirmation. I guess it's part of the transition! So, first remember that most of them allow you to access your statements for many months, often 12-24 mos. Next, if you do pay a bill online and record in your checkbook, write the confirmation # on the line below. Now you have it, should you need it! (Honestly ask yourself how many times you've had to use your past statements.)

If the problem is they are laying on the counter "until you get to them", get a small file tote (you can even put it on the counter if it helps) and put folders in such as "to pay", "paid", "to file", etc. Anything that gets them off your valuable horizontal space!

If finances permit, also try to set up auto payment (you will still receive a paper statement or e-mail, your choice). Write it in your checkbook immed. w/ the date it will be paid.

As for the magazines...DO NOT renew them! All the info is online. If there's a certain article you want to save, rip it out and put it in a folder or one assigned place. Recycle or donate the rest. Although there is something to be said for having a "real" magazine to flip through, I can tell you I do not miss them. And if you just can't get rid of them yet, at least have a basket or container to put them in so they aren't lying around. The same goes for newspapers.

Hope this helps and gives you some ideas!

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